VIDEO WIZARDS PODCAST – Episode 7: August 1990

In episode number 7 of the Video Wizards Podcast we travel to August in the first year of the 90s. It’s a new decade, filled with the hope to wrestle itself from under the looming nuclear threat of the 1980s, but a war that’s far from cold is about to kick off in the Gulf and Atari Games gets gritty with the hyper violent and (for the time) hyper realistic looking underground prize fighting simulator Pit-Fighter. Also, brand new solo rapper Ice Cube defies the idealistic view of America as Hip-Hop as a whole looks for more boundaries to break, Metal music resists both lawsuits and the attack of acoustics and the power ballad groups… and somewhat disturbing pictures like Roald Dahl’s The Witches and Sam Raimi’s Darkman hit movie theaters.

But don’t despair! Michael Jackson’s megalomaniac Moonwalker arcade game aside, there is much lighter material as well. Marvel at water balloon chucking platypii in Liquid Kids, engage in shooty sci-fi fun in Out Zone and storm a massive tower in Magic Sword, next to the home gaming fun of the day. We say this every time, but this might be our best podcast yet!

Out Zone

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

By The Arcade Flyer Archive [1].,

Liquid Kids

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Magic Sword

By Source, Fair use,
Other top billing arcade games of the era we discuss on Episode 7, L-R: Out Zone, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Liquid Kids, Magic Sword

Show theme tune: NEON CITY, composed by Ed 「イートレム」 Tremblay for Mudprints Music and licensed exclusively to The Video Wizards Podcast, ©2019 Mudprints Music, all rights reserved.

Other music used in this episode:

  • TV Theme Style (The Winner) – by Colin Thomson, 2018
  • Select – by John Paul for Pit-Fighter, 1990
  • Match 3 – by John Paul for Pit-Fighter, 1990
  • To the Earth – by Tatsuya Uemura for Out Zone, 1990
  • Smooth Criminal (Moonwalker Arcade Game Version) – by Michael Jackson for Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, 1990
  • Let’s Get On! We’re Friends!! – by Kazuko Umino & Hisayoshi Ogura for Liquid Kids, 1990
  • The Road to the Tower – by Manami Matsumae for Magic Sword, 1990
  • An Aimed Town – by Shiro Imaoka, Hiroshige Tonomura, Norihiro Furukawa & Pinch Punch for The Ninja Kids, 1990
  • Mission 2: At the Heli Port – by Kazunaka Yamane for Double Dragon II: The Revenge, 1990
  • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted – by Ice Cube, 1990
  • Untouchable (Instrumental) – by Cold 187um for Above the Law, 1990
  • 911 is a Joke – by Public Enemy, 1990
  • Me and the Biz – by Masta Ace, 1990
  • Hangar 18 – by Megadeth, 1990
  • Get the Funk Out – by Extreme, 1990
  • More Than Words – by Extreme, 1990
  • King of Wishful Thinking – by Go West, 1990
  • Dirty Cash – by Adventures of Stevie V, 1990
  • Hold On (Instrumental) – by Denzil Foster & Thomas McElroy for En Vogue, 1990
  • Olympic (Euro Bass Mix) / “The Word” Theme Tune – by 808 State, 1990

And finally: our special thanks to Andy Hofle.

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