Video Wizards is the brainchild of Ben Cartlidge and Michiel Kroder. But who are Ben and Michiel?

Image of Ben Cartlidge

Ben Cartlidge

Ben is obsessed with rescuing a fictional blue haired princess from the clutches of a giant satanic demon; that much is obvious.

An avid gamer since 1984, he regularly completes old games on a single credit and records them for posterity on his YouTube Channel, One Credit Classics.

Ben also enjoys judging mixed martial arts, drinking tea, eating grilled bread products, listening to music from the ’80s and ’90s and perhaps most importantly spending time with his wife and their Dachshunds, Larry and Bertie.

Image of Michiel Kroder

Michiel Kroder

If it was up to Michiel, all stock zombie enemies in video games would be replaced by majestic sharks with legs.

A mercenary with a pen, he has been involved in the video game industry in one way or another since the mid 2000s, having worked on reports and reviews as a journalist, online promotional projects, game localisation and even some actual game design, with HitP Studio!

Michiel has also been a regular on the Cane and Rinse podcast of deep dive video game analysis since 2016, further expresses his love for games through his streams, practices martial arts and loves to throw on some shiny black vinyl, dug up from his collection of Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul records… when he’s not spending time with his wife, two kids and their cat and dog, Mimi and Chloe.

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