VIDEO WIZARDS PODCAST – Episode 1: February 1989

In the first offical episode of the Video Wizards Podcast, we’re traveling back to February 1989 and look at a surprisingly horror-inducing selection of arcade games like Splatterhouse, Ghouls’n Ghosts and Hard Drivin’.

We also give an update on our home gaming situation of the day, catch the wave of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, find ourselves in the midst of Hip Hop’s golden era and are confronted with the horrors of war via Metallica. Of course, Ben pulls out another quiz for Michiel and we share some brilliant correspondence from the listeners as well!

Turbo Outrun arcade flyer - By Source, Fair use,

Dynamite Düx arcade flyer - By Source, Fair use,

Ghouls'n Ghosts arcade flyer, By Source, Fair use,

Hard Drivin' arcade flyer, By Source, Fair use, By Source, Fair use,
Other top billing arcade games of the era we discuss on Episode 1, L-R: Turbo Outrun, Dynamite Düx, Ghouls’n Ghosts, Hard Drivin’

Show theme tune: NEON CITY, composed by Ed 「イートレム」 Tremblay for Mudprints Music and licensed exclusively to The Video Wizards Podcast, ©2019 Mudprints Music, all rights reserved.

Other music used in this episode:

  • TV Theme Style (The Winner) – by Colin Thomson, 2018
  • Opening – by Katsuro Tajima & Yoshinori Kawamoto for Splatterhouse, 1988
  • Ending – by Katsuro Tajima & Yoshinori Kawamoto for Splatterhouse, 1988
  • Shake the Street – by Hiroshi Kawaguchi & Yasuhiro Takagi for Turbo Outrun, 1989
  • Downtown – by Hiroshi Kawaguchi for Dynamite Düx, 1988
  • Stage 2 (Village of Decay) – by Tamayo Kawamoto for Ghouls’n Ghosts, 1988
  • Instant Replay – by Don Diekneite for Hard Drivin’, 1989
  • Powermeter – by Motoaki Furukawa for The Final Round, 1988
  • Stage 1 – by Toshikazu Tanaka, Yoko Osaka & Kazuhiro Nishida for P.O.W.: Prisoners of War, 1988
  • Countdown to Armageddon – by Public Enemy, 1988
  • Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos – by Public Enemy, 1988
  • The Ruler’s Back – by Slick Rick, 1988
  • Eye Know – by De La Soul, 1989
  • One – by Metallica, 1989
  • Can U Dig It? – by Pop Will Eat Itself, 1989
  • Say a Little Prayer – by Bomb the Bass featuring Maureen, 1988
  • Rocket – by Def Leppard, 1987
  • EastEnders theme tune – by Simon May & Leslie Osborne, 1985

And finally: our special thanks to Andy Hofle.

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Video Wizards is a podcast about the arcade games of the 1980’s and 1990’s and their cultural context, by Ben Cartlidge and Michiel Kroder.

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