VIDEO WIZARDS PODCAST – Episode 26: March 1985

In episode 26 of Video Wizards, we get sucked into the cultural maelstrom of March 1985, where the global arcade industry has picked up the pieces and is striking back with, well, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back by our good friends at Atari and Konami’s cutesy, sugary vertical shoot ’em up TwinBee. Namco, meanwhile, are digging in a different direction for Dig Dug II and SEGA unveil the princess of all ninjas.

In terms of gaming at home, home computers like the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore C64 and MSX dominate the European continent and there is a lot of rootin’ tootin’ sharp shootin’ going on in the classified sections of the mid 80s computer game mags. And where Run-D.M.C. have Hip Hop on lock with their King of Rock album, Rock itself sees an influx of acts from the Germanic regions. Also, chart music has never been this massive, as all pop acts and production teams are properly firing on all cylinders.

Feel even more heat as we look at funny flicks The Last Dragon and Police Academy 2 and examine the early beginnings of subscription TV. Add in your regular dosage of world and local news, Bon Jovi blastings, personal memories from your hosts and expected conversation derailments and it’s clear to see that the Video Wizards time travel tour remains on track!

The top billing arcade games of the era we discuss on Episode 20, L-R: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, TwinBee, Dig Dug II, SEGA Ninja / Ninja Princess

Show theme tune: NEON CITY, composed by Ed 「イートレム」 Tremblay for Mudprints Music and licensed exclusively to The Video Wizards Podcast, ©2019 Mudprints Music, all rights reserved.

Baller of the Month Jingle composed by Yuli Anna and licensed exclusively to The Video Wizards Podcast, ©2022 Yuli Anna, all rights reserved.

Other music used in this episode:

  • BGM 1 – by ??? for TwinBee, 1985
  • Stage BGM – by ??? for SEGA Ninja / Ninja Princess, 1985
  • Ghostbusters – by Ray Parker Jr., David Crane & James Software Ltd. for Ghostbusters (ZX Spectrum), 1985
  • Operator – by Midnight Star, 1984
  • Mr. Telephone Man – by New Edition, 1985
  • Nightshift – by The Commodores, 1985
  • You Talk Too Much – by Run-D.M.C., 1985
  • Quasimodo – by Allied Forces, 1985
  • No Time to Cry – by Sisters of Mercy, 1985
  • Easy Lover – by Philip Bailey & Phil Collins, 1984
  • You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – by Dead or Alive, 1984
  • Material Girl – by Madonna, 1985
  • We Close Our Eyes – by Go West, 1985
  • Some Like it Hot – by The Power Station, 1985
  • Sussudio – by Phil Collins, 1985
  • Shout – by Tears for Fears, 1984
  • This is Not America – by David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group, 1985
  • Jungle Love – by The Time, 1985
  • This is My Night – by Chaka Khan, 1985
  • Hill Street Blues (Theme) – by Mike Post, 1981

Episode edited by: Michiel Kroder

And finally: our special thanks to Andy Hofle.

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Video Wizards is a podcast about the arcade games of the 1980’s and 1990’s and their cultural context, by Ben Cartlidge and Michiel Kroder.

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